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Athlete Chiropractic, PLLC.


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About Us

Athlete Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Sean Drake, D.C. to improve the lives of athletes and help patients live to their fullest potential.

In our clinic, we believe that everybody is an athlete. You have a body and we are dedicated to making sure that body is capable and efficient in all areas of life. Our unique assessments and individualized training programs are designed to treat all human bodies regardless of profession, sport, age, size, and weight.

Our clinic provides full body assessments so we can see beyond the pain to the areas that may be causing a break down in the system. We are dedicated to full body health and avoid treating just one area of the body.

Our founder, Dr. Sean Drake, has spent most of his career working and traveling around the world with professional athletes and sports teams. Through our clinic, we are dedicated to bringing the knowledge of professional treatment programs to not only the professional athletes but to anyone and everyone who wants to move well, be well, and go after everything they want in life.