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Caliber Companies, LLC


Real Estate - Investments

About Us

Caliber is a full service real estate investment company. We believe in above average returns, evolving with market conditions, bringing forward the best possible investment operators, and maintaining control of all aspects of the investment cycle.

We help our clients grow their portfolios with assets including single family homes, apartments, office buildings, hospitality projects, and notes. In order to minimize risk and maximize returns, Caliber handles each aspect of the investment cycle in-house, including acquisition, remodel, management, and resale.

Successful real estate investing requires a great team. The importance of your team far outweighs any individual investments. Successful investors build their team first, before they get into specific opportunities.

Caliber has the world-class team and all the resources you’ll need to succeed with your investments. From acquisition to remodel, management to accounting, we will make sure you have everything required to build an outstanding portfolio. Between our in-house expertise and our affiliated companies, we can handle the entire investment cycle. This saves you time while giving us the ability to increase your return on investment.