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Star Worldwide Networks

Star Worldwide Networks

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About Us

Dave Pratt’s STAR Worldwide Networks is one of the fastest-growing internet media producers, distributors, and agencies in the nation. Our network and full marketing agency offer hundreds of worldwide radio and TV shows, general advertising, media buying, all digital services, audio and video commercial production, content for social networks, all social media services, PR, graphics, audiobook recording, branding, and consultation throughout the nation.

Star Worldwide Networks is proud to consult with nearly 100 media outlets, radio stations, and TV stations throughout North America, including over 40 major market television stations owned by Tribune Media, along with WGN radio in Chicago and WPIX in New York.

Celebrating 13 years, our network is proud to produce and distribute shows with full service in all categories. Our network welcomes clients of all sizes from around the world, and our entire network is mobile-friendly on all devices. All hosts are supported by the most experienced pro staff in the industry.

Star Worldwide Networks harnesses the power of sharing, which is greater than any single network. All shows are available to each host for repurposing on their own website, social networks, sharing and elsewhere.

We proudly welcome all hosts and clients with a dream or a message to join us at Star Worldwide Networks. We are a family company built on pride, vision, and relationships, and we believe in the future of the media and in you.