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The Foster Alliance- Previously Arizona Helping Hands


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About Us

Arizona Helping Hands is the only charity in the State of Arizona that provides Basic Essential Needs to boys and girls in foster care. With 19,000 children in the Dept of Child Safety system, the need for our services is never ending. We provide beds and cribs to give a child a SAFE PLACE to sleep at night (1,515 units in 2015 alone!). We supply clothing, diapers, personal care packages and anything else we can to assist the children. Our BIRTHDAY DREAMS program is a volunteer intensive activity by which we give children a personalized gift wrapped, decorated package so that their special day will be celebrated!
We are a PHOENIX BASED CHARITY that qualifies for the Arizona State Tax credit for donations made to a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization.
We #StandUp for boys and girls in foster care.