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ELLE Services PR&Media, VO&Spokesmodeling, Event MC


Public Relations & Event Promotions

About Us

PR & MEDIA: ELLE Services will work with you to execute the ideal Public/Media Relations strategies. This is not advertising; this is telling your story or announcement in the media (newspapers, TV, radio, online) directly to your potential customers.
MC, SPOKESMODELING, VOICEOVER: Part of your ideal strategy might include creating an audible or visual element to reach your ideal audience, and you'll want to create the best possible presentation. ELLE Services provides voiceover (such as for radio commercials, informative videos, etc.) and spokesmodeling (such as for your website, television commercials, or in-person such as a live-event MC) to complete your project to perfection.
WRITING & EDITING a website refresh, new brochure, press release creation & so much more, Perfect Your Presence (SM) with ELLE Services.